How do I restart my Ear Piece?




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    Mallory Baumann

    My ear piece blinks red and green, and won’t let me play music or connect to my phone. What do I do to solve this problem?

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    Beata Brożek

    Same problem. I bought second pair (after the complaint) and again: after one month my ear piece stop connecting

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    Natasha Weldon

    Same problem. First they wouldn’t flash red & green to pair, now they are flashing red & green I can’t tirn them in.
    Doesn’t look like the company provide answers on the forum either.
    These are not cheap, I only bought them as EarPods are too big for my ears, but they are an utter waste of cash.
    I want a refund.

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    Customer Service

    Hi! Blinking red and green light means your Ear Piece is in pairing mode. Please try doing a full reset. Turn it off first and delete it from your Bluetooth devices list. Turn it on by pressing the centre button for over 10 seconds and try pairing from the beginning. Also, make sure that your Ear Piece is fully charged at the time of reset. If you have further questions, please contact us directly at

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